Form page limit to 20

Hi guys,

I have quite a long form that was 23 pages! It seemed to not go to the next step when I hit page 20, is this a limit that is imposed? I can’t find anything in the docs but it seems like a nice round number!


Hello @splitpixel - there is no hard limit in Gravity Forms at 20 pages. There is likely something else going on. I recommend opening a support ticket for the issue if you have not already:

Thank you.

That is a lot of pages (and presuably fields) to display/save. I would wonder if browser or server resources dealing with the overall form object is a contributing factor.

Perhaps finding some other ways to break up the size of form might help. Gravity Flow’s User Input step and Form Connector extension could let you break them down into multiple forms where whoever is entering the data doesn’t feel overwhelmed at the daunting task ahead of them :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Each step only has 2 or maybe 2 fields so the form isn’t anything insane, I see nothing in console or server logs in terms of errors, I am stumped!

Did you try opening a support ticket @splitpixel? We can get a copy of your form and test it on another installation, to see what happens.