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Afternoon… Can anyone help with this one please as my developer is away for a while and as it is his developer licence “used” and I don’t have his details, I can’t raise a support ticket…

I have a bunch of Gravity Forms all of which are working fine, bar one. In that form if I click on settings and then field settings then I get the No field selected error. I can drag and drop elements around but the duplicate and delete buttons don’t work. It is a big form with loads of “elements”. No idea why this form is behaving like this, but issues did seem to start after I duplicated a section to hopefully then edit it.

It is a large form with all sorts of conditional logic, so will be a real ball-ache to re-create from scratch.

Somewhere I saw something about a form having too many fields, so maybe it is this?

Plug-in etc is up-to-date, Wordpress is 6.0.2 and running GeneratePress theme, php 7.4.30.

Thanks all…

Hi Philip. There is no field limit in Gravity Forms, but the PHP limits on your web server for POST max size and max inputs could affect you if this form has 1000s of fields in it.

More likely is a conflict with some other software on the site. The first thing you can try is “No Conflict” mode. This can be found on the Forms → Settings page, and it looks like this: firefox VMBT2qOYYJ.png - Droplr

Toggle that from whatever position it is in now, to the other, and Save the settings. Then clear any cache and test the editor to see if you can properly add and select fields.

If not, can you provide a copy of your system status report here? Thank you.

Thanks Chris,

I’ve tried the no conflict mode with no success. I’ve disabled all other plug-ins with no success. I’ve increased Post Max Size via htaccess and max_input_vars via CP with no success. System report below and I’ve also pasted a copy of the info I’ve gleemed from developer tools hoping this might shine some light on what is going on with this one form…

many thanks


actually scrub that - as a new user I’m being blocked form posting more than 2 link or more than a certain number of characters, so I can’t post the reports (yet)…

You can post the system report to somewhere like Droplr or Google Drive/Dropbox and then share the link here

Thanks Chris… Here’s the link - I’ve edited out some of the url of my site for privacy purposes…

Here’s a the text from developer options when I hover over field settings in the affected form…

Sorry, forgot to add, I have logging enabled.

Thanks Philip. You have a current version of WordPress, Gravity Forms and PHP. Those were the most important items from the system report. From the developer console output you provided, it looks like there is some conflict with another script on your site. I recommend performing a conflict test using these steps:

Let us know what you find out. Thank you.

Thanks Chris - followed those steps and still can’t access the field settings for this one form in particular. The form works on the front end, we just can’t edit the field settings in WP.

An update. My developer has returned and we installed gravity forms on another site using v2.2.6.5, and then we imported the problematic form into the new site. No v. the form works and I could edit the field all OK. If we updated Gravityform to the latest version, it broke the form. Not sure what broke, but it broke. Sure, different site, different theme and plug-ins but the form works with the older version but not the latest, (legacy code issues acknowledged with the > v2.6)… Not sure if that helps at all.

Hi Philip. I’m not sure what that could be based on your description. I recommend opening a support ticket so that we can dig in. Thank you.

Thanks Chris. I can’t open a ticket as I am not the holder of the licence. But in an update, I have fixed the issue. As mentioned above, I could edit the form on the other site, so I deleted the changes I had made (all I had done to break the form was duplicated an entry within the form). I then exported the form and re-imported a renamed version of it back into the main site, and it is working again. I am not sure why my actions broke the form but I can send you a copy of the broken form and the fixed one so you can investigate further. But I’ll need to send it securely as I am not posting a link to it here on a forum. If we can arrange that somehow then that would be great.



p.s. exporting the form and then re-importing it un-edited didn’t fix it btw…

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