After adding a field the form not getting updated

Hi, I’m building a massive application form with more than 550 fields in it. I just got into a problem. The problem is when I’m clicking on the Update button in the form editing options, It not getting updated. My site also uses Cloudflare, and after clicking the update button, Cloudflare shows that Error 524 - A timeout occurred. What could be the problem? Is it because of lack of ram?

Also, I tried this:
But still, it happens. (I’m using a shared host and I have a 1GB of ram. I have 578 fields in the form)

Error 524 is a Gateway Timeout. It’s likely because of the amount of information you are sending in each request to update the form. There are other PHP variables like post_max_size and script_timeout which could also be affecting this.

I would recommend first trying to save the form without Cloudflare active on the site, to rule that out. If it still does not work after that, please contact your host for assistance. You can let them know what you are trying to do and they should be able to help you with the configuration on the host to allow that.

I think I’ve had to adjust max_input_vars in the php.ini once before when working with GF on a specific host. That might be something else to look at.

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