Form being submitted and payment collected by stripe, but no record of entry or notification email exists

I have 2 different emails where I appear to be having issues where when a payment to stripe is submitted, it doesn’t record entries or send notifications from our website. Stipe collects their payment, but no record of the form submission exists anywhere. I’ve tested a dozen times, and that form simply doesn’t show any entries and nobody gets notified.

So I just stumbled upon the Spam folder and realized all my missing transactions are in this folder. I don’t have any spam blockers enabled that I can tell, and these are all very legitimate transactions and forms lol. How do I make sure my submissions don’t get spammed?

Ok, I’ve narrowed it down to the form settings last box that automatically is enabled called the “Prevent spam using Gravity Forms Zero Spam”. This is apparently causing legitimate emails on many sites I have to be spammed and therefor not sending us or the user their notifications.

You can get support for the Gravity Forms Zero Spam plugin here:

Thank you.

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