Stripe payment was complete but no form entry was collected

I have a form that uses Stripe to collect payment. I have a recorded successful payment in my Stripe account but there is no entry in Gravity Forms (and nothing in Spam). I’m not sure how this happened or how to fix it but it’s concerning. I use GF and Stripe for several different forms and this is the first time I’ve seen this issue come up.

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Hi Stacy,

First, try to reproduce the issue. If you’re unable to replicate it, do the basic troubleshooting following the guidelines below.

If nothing works, please open a support ticket here:

Including the system report from the Forms → System Status page, and a link to the page where the form is located.

Thank you.

Same here, GF support is telling that’s a Gravity Wiz issue but obviously the last GF update included a honeypot issue regarding successful payments. Anyway the issue is less occurring but still here.

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Just curious are you on Siteground?

I’m having the same issue

No but many users have the same issue so the developer license is useless at this moment.

Are you using any caching plug-ins?

No cache plugin, it’s another issue with GF^^

I’m using Siteground…is this related to the issue?

I can’t say for sure, but I’m having this issue too and I’m on siteground. For a while I thought it was WP Rocket causing the issue, but it kept happening even after I disabled it.

Take a look at this

Cant say for sure, but I think I see a trend.
They’re saying it’s Siteground Optimizer, so I guess it’s their cache. Which I guess would explain why it only happens randomly.

I turned off their caching and I’m monitoring.

Let me know what you find!
Thank you!

Still a MAJOR issue here
Invalid source object: must be a dictionary or a non-empty string. See API docs at Stripe Documentation
I thought it was the invoicing fields but even disabling them, the error occurs.