Fields Suddenly Cease To Capture Data While Constructing New Form

In the middle of creating a new form (and previewing/testing all along the way) once I add an eighth input field, suddenly, and irrevocably ALL the fields in the form cease to capture data and create an entry.

Apart from plugin and theme conflicts (which is the typical cause and which I am actively looking into), what other possible causes might there be?

Other than conflicts with other plugins that integrate with Gravity Forms, invalid HTML (in a description, an option label or an HTML field) or special characters in the field values are the two most common reasons for this.

“…plugins that integrate with Gravity Forms” Is this more likely than non-related GF plugins?

Yes, if you are testing in the form preview and it’s not working there, it is most likely something needed for Gravity Forms on that page.

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In my situation one of the problems (the no entry made issue) was solved by deactivating the GF “Zero Spam” plugin. Now, my test entries are no longer being placed into the GF entries spam section.

Another related issue was solved by removing the Gravity Perks Add-On and reinstalling it.

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