Checkbox fields not saving in entry


Does anyone experienced the latest version of GF(2.6.5) not saving any checkbox fields into its entry? It seems weird coz my old forms and newly created forms aren’t saving the checkbox field values.

Hi Cenemil. This is not a widely-reported issue. I recommend opening a support ticket so we can investigate:

Thank you.

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your response. Apparently, i found out the culprit. It was the Legal Signing plugin of Forgravity that caused it. I had to disable each plugin one by one to see which one affects the submission. I’ve sent them a ticket already so hopefully it will be fixed asap. Gonna roll back to the more stable version now as well.

All good and have a good day!

Thanks for the update. I’m certain ForGravity will fix whatever they need to on their end. Thank you.

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