Form field not submitting/capturing data

I created a multi page form using Gravity Forms for WordPress v. 2.4.14 for a landing page that we have in development. The last page has fields for first and last names, state, phone, and email. Upon submission all fields submit data except for the email field. When I look at the test entries there’s nothing for email even though emails were submitted for all the tests. When I click “show empty field”, the email field is indeed empty.

What would cause the form not to submit or capture the data that’s in the field?


I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue so we can dig into it:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for responding. The company I work for has an outside design firm that pays for the license for the gravity forms plugin. I’ll have to see how to get the
login credentials so that I can submit a support ticket. I’ll see what I can do.

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Thank you.

Hello, I am experiencing this same issue. Have you found a solution??

I have a page with multiple of the same forms the user has to submit and only the first 5 are being recorded. After the first 5, the user needs to reload and again is only limited to 5 submissions.

Hi David, this is a good instance where a support ticket is required:

Hi David,

We ended up solving the problem by replacing the email field the wasn’t submitting with a brand new email field. The new field captured the data and submitted. Hope that helps. :smiley:

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