Required fields bypassed and forms submitted with missing data

hi there, my form as recently started to allow users to complete/send without filling in the required fields. I can’t work out why this has started happening but I believe it’s only since the recent plugin update but can’t be sure. The form is in a popup window when you select the “Free Trial” button in the header on this page
You can try the form as see that it’s not working as it should. The “select a venue” dropdown is a required field. thanks!

Hi Gaby. I recommend opening a support ticket here:

Thank you.

What happened with Gaby? I have the same problem.

Hi Cori. I don’t see any ticket from Gaby. If you’re having an issue, I recommend opening a support ticket. See also this recent discussion for one possible cause:

I have a ticket in. All forms prior to the update let submission without required fields and new forms created required fields do work. I’m waiting for an answer on whether I have to recreate all forms prior to the update.
I’ve tried exporting and reimporting the json, copying the form, call the host, checked the logs, checked the plugins, checked the theme. Required fields on all forms prior to the update don’t work.

Note that in my case, the entries were completely empty – no fields at all saved. It turns out it was spam, with incorrect character encoding (some bullet characters). Because I had the honeypot field configured to save spam entries but flagged as spam, it was trying to save them and failed due to character encoding errors which MariaDB spat out. Am no longer recording automated spam entries. See my latest support ticket for details.

thank you Ross

this isn’t that. The validation on the required fields aren’t working on all the forms prior to the last update, if I create a new form, they work.
I appreciate the input!

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