Submit Button disabled if required fields not filled

Please help! I created a form, with all of the fields set to “required”. If I try to submit the form clicking the Submit button leaving some fields empty, the errors indicating the fields that are required appear.

The problem is that the Submit Button is still visible but disabled, not clickable, even if I fill the missing fields. This happens if I use a text button or an image button.

Hi Sebastian. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue:

Chris, I don’t know if I have a license or a free Wordpress Gravity Forms plugin. The webpage of my workplace was already built when I started to work here, and the person who did the page is not working with us anymore and we don’t have a way to contact him.

Hi Sebastian. We can check for you. Please submit the contact form here (select Other in the dropdown to submit without logging in) and provide the URL for the website so we can find out the license ownership.

There is no free version of Gravity Forms, so if there is a valid license on the website, someone owns it. We can look that up for you.

I’m quite surprised that this isn’t a feature that Gravity Forms adopted already. This is a good enhancement for usability, why show the submit button if it can’t be used anyway?

I will submit a ticket for this.