GF not submitting on Submit button press

Hi everyone!

On my website Gravity form isn’t submitting at all. When you pressing on “Submit” button, nothing happens if Ajax is set as false, and circle endlessly spinning, if it set as true.
No entries added (even to spam), no js errors in console - just nothing.
I’ve tried turning on legacy markup, turning on/off security plugin, removing old form (or just its recaptcha), changing confirmation type between redirect and text message - nothing helped.

To see the form, please, take a look at page Contact – Think Jam
For now, as site is live, old form is active and GF is hidden. To see it, just find “gform-new” div in Developer tools and turn off its “display: none;” style. Then you will see gravity form below the old form.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Have you run a full plugin conflict test?

If so, you might want to open a support ticket. Open a technical support ticket.”

Yes, I’ve run plugin conflict test, no luck.

Think is I haven’t purchased plugin yet - was just testing it to see does it have needed functionality before buying. And to open ticket I need active license (purchase).

Truthfully I don’t know how you’re testing Gravity Forms without a valid license other than creating a demo site and using the plugin there.

That could be the problem. I’d recommend purchasing a license and making sure you update to the latest version. If the problem still exist then opening a ticket. I’m sure regardless of the issue Gravity Forms support team can help you.

I see a js error in the console before submitting the form - definitely want to get that sorted to rule it out.

Have you tried turning on debugging and checking the debug.log?

As @simonc always a good practice to get rid of known JS errors.

Gravity Forms also just posted this article on enabling logging directly inside your Gravity Forms settings. If you’re set on debugging yourself, this might be a great tool to help.

GF logging

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