Submit not working

Hi there,

We are having a Gravity form on our website and the submit function does not work. We do receive the notifications from the form after the submit button is clicked.

The form can be found here:

Few facts:

  • We have forms on several pages and all forms have this issue;
  • I deactivated all plugins and this did not help;
  • The form functions well in the preview mode;
  • .

Any ideas what it can be?

Thanks for your help.

I think you don’t have your Captcha set up correctly. Go to Forms > Settings > reCaptcha

That page has a link to some instructions for setting it up.

Good luck!

@user60d1f52086371158 - if the form is working in the preview mode, but not on the page, the issue is most likely a JavaScript conflict (or caching) on the live page. Please follow the troubleshooting steps here or contact support

Thank you.