Fatal Error when activating "Gravity Forms" Plugin

I’m getting an error when I try to activate my gravity forms plugin. I’ve gone in a deleted any gravity form file and re installed and still getting the same message.

That usually means that Gravity Forms is installed twice (maybe there is another copy in a folder named gravityforms-1 or gravityforms-old). You will need to remove the Gravity Forms installation in a folder named something other than


from the wp-content/plugins/ directory

If that is not the case, it’s possible some other plugin has already declared that class, but that is less common. If you’re not able to figure it out, I recommend opening a support ticket here https://www.gravityforms.com/open-support-ticket/

Thanks Chris,

I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything. Also there is no way to fill out a support ticket for me because there is nowhere for me to pull a system report. I don’t have that on my WP. Possible because it’s not installed? Is there another way to contact support besides the support ticket and this form. I’ve found nothing. It’s a little frustrating.

It’s possible you have a very old version of Gravity Forms installed if you don’t have the option to get a system report.

You can use the Contact Form here and select “other” from the drop down so you can submit the ticket without a system report or logging in. Provide your license key and description of the problem when you submit the form. Include your Gravity Forms version from the Plugins page if you can. Thank you.