Duplicate entries. Please help me deal with my frustrated clients!

Hi, getting duplicate entries from a number of forms, sometimes days apart and sometimes when the page is no longer published. I understand this is an issue to do with the webpage reloading when users reopen the browser and it resubmits the form. I see this is a common issue and most forum users so far have been advised to open a support ticket - I have done this three times in three weeks with no response!

I’ve seen some recommend enabling AJAX and/or putting the confirmation message on a page (conflicting messages on this! some say the opposite) so would be interested to hear your advice.

I also see that in Nov last year @chrishajer recommended using Recaptcha v3. I’d like to understand how this works for this issue before implementing anything on my websites please. I have over 60 forms active on just one of my sites so any change I make will be time consuming! Want to get it right.

Thank you in advance.

Hello. We have replied to all your tickets. It appears that you are not receiving those email messages for some reason. Can you send me a private message with an alternate email address? Our latest reply to you was 3 minutes ago.

Thank you.

Hi Chris, thanks for your response. Apologies, how do I send you a private message?

Hi @chrishajer I can’t see a message icon anywhere on your profile. Please let me know how to send you a message

there should be a private messaging button in the upper right when hovering a profile in this forum:

I forwarded our replies from your three tickets to the alternate email address you provided. Please let us know if you do not receive them.

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