Duplicate entries days apart

when customer submit their form, the entries are duplicated and they got duplicate charges … not within few minutes, but sometimes after a day, or 2 days… it is very weird. this never happened to me before,
I tried to create two tickets already, haven’t gotten ANY REPLIES yet.

if I use LIMIT SUBMISSION PLUGIN, how should I set this kind of situation to prevent duplicate entries in days?

Hello @bcoolin - if you have already opened a support ticket I recommend waiting for that answer. It’s been the weekend and today is a holiday so your reply may take a little longer than usual. If you post the support ticket here I can ensure that we have it and did not already reply. Thank you.

I already wrote the email week ago. Still no replies. I don’t know where to track my ticket

There is currently nowhere to track existing tickets, although we do have a request to add that feature. What is your ticket number? I will look it up for you and see what happened.

I don’t know where to find the ticket number.
My registered email is [ redacted ]

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