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My default confirmation on a quiz is to use a page. My form is embedded on a page called Quiz
My Confirmation is set to a page called Quiz Result.

But no matter how many times I save the confirmation to have it pointing to Quiz Result It will not show that page It always just gives the quiz result on the original quiz page. I have cleared caches etc. Any idea why this is happening.

Do you have Ajax enabled on your form? If so, this could be reloading your form and ignoring your redirect confirmation. If you can provide more configuration details it will help.

How would I know, I don’t know what Ajax is. My configuration say confirm with a particular page. The form ignores this.

I tried do a re-direct as a confirmation, adding a URL, but it refuses to direct the use there. It just returns the result
Quiz Grade: E
Score: 5
Percentage: 50%

on the original quiz page

Let’s start with Ajax.

If that isn’t enabled then let’s move on to your confirmation and notifications tab. You should disable any notifications you aren’t using. You should be using your confirmation tab to set up this redirect to your quiz results page. (see screenshot)

Is this how you have it set up?

I did some digging and I am only seeing a way to display quiz results with merge tags. How are your quiz results added to a page?

Additionally, you should double-check to make sure you didn’t change the quiz results title and not the slug. Sometimes, when you switch page titles it doesn’t automatically update the slug. So just to be on the safe side, I’d also double-check the page you are redirecting the form to via your confirmations tab is the actual page your results are added to.

If this is how you have it set up you might want to open a support ticket.

Where is this? Ajax setting I cannot find it

Your query string field is not setup correctly. It should say quiz={all_quiz_results}

yours just says {all_quiz_results}

Actually, Im not certain even changing this will work. I’m not sure you can pass the quiz results as a query string parameter and capture the data onto the new page. Unless there’s a new form which captures that query string.

How did you come across setting up the quiz results this way?

It doesn’t really matter what code I put there, because the form confirmation does not redirect. What would cause this? If I specify a particular page, it refuses to confirm, to the right place. If I use a confirmation URL the result is the same. Its like the form is completley ignoring the confirmation settings.

I would probably open a support ticket @user5f23d68cd14b4014 so they can take a closer look.

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