Assistance Needed with Form Redirection and Query String Parameters

I am reaching out for assistance with an issue I’m experiencing on my website, specifically with a quiz form created using Gravity Forms.

Issue Encountered:
I have a quiz form set up to redirect users to a results page upon submission. The goal is to display each user’s quiz answers along with explanations on the results page. To achieve this, I have configured the form’s confirmation type to ‘Redirect’ and included a query string to pass the responses.

Upon form submission, the page does not redirect to the specified results page (Brain Quiz Report - myQmd + PSBQ tm). Instead, the submission appends the query parameters to the original quiz URL. The URL observed post-submission is as follows: … q8=Smoking

This behavior is contrary to the expected redirection to Brain Quiz Report - myQmd + PSBQ tm with the quiz responses as query parameters.

Assistance Required:

Correcting Redirection: How can I ensure the form correctly redirects to Brain Quiz Report - myQmd + PSBQ tm with the quiz responses?
Query String Handling: Are there additional settings or steps required to properly pass and display the query string parameters on the results page?

Any insights or suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to resolving this issue and enhancing the functionality of our quiz form.

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