Using query string to pass information to another website

Hi there,

I’m trying to set up a form submission to pass values to an esignature platform through query strings.

The format I need in the redirect URL is:

When I have the form setup in gravity forms, I have it set as:

Redirect URL:

Pass field data via query string:
name={Name (First):1.3}{Name (Last):1.6}&phone={Phone:16}&email={Email:17}

And this is not working. Hoping to get some help formatting the query to pass the information I need on.

Hi Scott,

That format looks correct, but I will advise that if this is going to a WordPress website, the ‘name’ field is a reserved keyword and can’t be used as a redirect Query String in this manner.

If you can provide a form link, it’s helpful because we can see what the link is actually being created from your form. Alternately, point it to another page on your own website and see if the redirect string is working correctly.

Also make sure this is the Default Confirmation and not an additional confirmation because you can only have ONE confirmation per form; any additional confirmations will be displayed depending on Conditional Logic and the Default Confirmation will be the fall back.

Thanks for the reply. This is an additional confirmation set up with the conditional logic (tested and working). The string I have set up and referenced above is ending up like this:

Ideally I would get it to spit out the name as First Last but the %20 to create a space is rejected by gravity forms.

The form is currently in an intranet site behind a password for company employees we are trying to get linked to the other service (signnow).

Would you be willing to open a Support Ticket so we can get your form export? In looking at the above, the ampersand is missing between the phone and email and that would cause that to not work properly.

Sure thank you