Passing data from a Gravity form into Rich Text on a Seperate page

Hi, is it possible to pass a field value from a gravity form to another page on the same website that you have been redirected to via a notification redirection when the page you are being
redirected to does not have a GF on it, so literally including the field value within a rich text snippet.

So for example

Hello {First Name} welcome to our website.

If so How?

Hello. Yes, you can do this, but Gravity Forms is not involved after you configure the confirmation query string. Once you send the value to the WordPress page in the query string, you need to ‘catch it’ and do something with it there. This plugin can help with that:

If you don’t want to use that plugin or if it does not work in your scenario, you will need to custom code something to read the $_GET variable for your parameter, then do something in the code with the value.

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