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I wonder how I can pass a field value to a page?
I have an assessment form that totals the score per section, I want to pass the score (from each section) to a page where I can dynamically show content.
For example, if the section 1 score is 2, and the section 2 score is 5, I can show content for those two sections.

Alternatively. I can have all content on a page and show/hide sections based on the score.


Hi @user603d0cef21a2e359
There are a few ways to pass a field value from a Gravity Form to a page:

  1. Use the Gravity Forms merge tags to dynamically insert the field value into the content of a page or post. For example, you can use the merge tag {Section 1 Score:1} to display the value of the “Section 1 Score” field on the page.
  2. Use the Gravity Forms API to retrieve the field value and programmatically show or hide content based on the score. This requires some custom programming knowledge, but it allows you to have more control over the display of the content.
  3. Use the Gravity Forms Query String Add-On to add the field value to the URL as a query string parameter. For example, you could have a link to the page with the URL, and then use JavaScript to retrieve the values of the section1 and section2 parameters and show or hide the appropriate content.

Which method you choose will depend on your specific needs and the skills you have available to you.

Thanks, that make sense, I ended up setting up a confirmation page and passing the query string. using

On that page, I have visibility conditions to show/hide sections based on passed values. AIt should work, but…

when I pass the URL, I get a message that page does not exist…I can’t figure why

this is the URL I am passing:

and this is what added in confirmation field: name={Name (First):29.3}&section1={Sec1:8}&section2={Sec2:14}&section3={Sec3:20}

The 404 error is caused by using a parameter name in the query string that is reserved for use by WordPress.

You’ll need to change name to something else, such as firstname.

You can find a list of parameter names reserved by WordPress here: register_taxonomy() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources

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Got it, thnx. Stumbled on gravity_sumbission limit, so I can’t test it - is there any way to temporarily disable that?

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