How to display content on a confirmation page that has been passed via a query string?

After submitting a form, I want to send users to a confirmation page that shall display content entered in the form, something like

“Thank you ((Name entered in the Name field)) for submitting the form”.

I see how I can “Pass Field Data via Query String”, but I do not know how to get that data displayed on the confirmation page. Can anyone tell me / link me to a description how to do that? Thanks.

PS: I am using Elementor, but could rely on Gutenberg for the confirmation page in case it is easier.

You could use Javascript to parse the URL and capture the values, then have those values populate wherever you want them to in your page template.

You can access and then use, query string params via the php $_GET array,

				if (isset($_GET['trees'])) {
							/* use just bought some trees */
							$trees = $_GET['trees'];
						<p>Thank you for your purchase of <?= $trees ?> trees.</p>

this would pick up a query string like ?trees=5

Thank you @hughc and @user5a207df922b2b2.8 for your suggested solutions. As both options require coding, which I cannot do, I take this as a “not possible at my level of expertise”.
Thank you anyhow for your thoughts :pray:

Gravity Wiz has a no-code Perk for that called Post Content Merge Tags:

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