Query String/Merge Data?

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I’m creating a drop down form, and wanted to take all the choices/feedback the user picks to populate a page with merged tags data? If so, how would that work?

For example:
If you choose this dropdown option on the form, when redirected to the confirmation page, it would show you a list of predefined links based on your initial dropdown choice?

Once you submit the form and the user is redirected, Gravity Forms job ends. There’s no control of your page content from Gravity Forms. So if you want to show something in that page based on the choices selected in your form, from Gravity Forms side of things you could configure the query string to pass a set of parameters and values using the fields merge tags. Something like:

parameter1={Some Field:1}&parameter2={Another Field:2}

But that would just pass the data in the URL, then you would need to set up something in your page to get those values from the query string and dynamically output the links you want. I’m not aware of any ready to use solution for it, so it would be custom work.


Once Gravity Forms has passed the information to the confirmation page (in the query string) you can use one of these solutions to ‘catch’ those query string parameters and values, and display or otherwise use the data:


That will make the information available to the page. I am not sure how the next part “show you a list of predefined links based on your initial dropdown choice” needs to work exactly, but hopefully one of these solutions will help you further along.

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Thanks @sacom and @chrishajer I think a combination of both of you suggestions with a little php work should do the trick. Thanks again guys!

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