? gets added in url on form submission

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? gets added in url on form submission
This looks like it’s happening to all the gravity forms on the website and I can’t figure out why

Steps to Reproduce
Go to https://devmaidbrigade.wpengine.com/tn/nashville/get-an-estimate/
Fill out form and press submit

Hi Greg,

It seems you used “Page” as a Confirmation Type, right? Do you by any chance have something in the “Pass Field Data via Query String” field? I’m asking as the “?” in a URL normally indicates the start of a query string.

Hi @tcgsa

Nope, I used Text as a confirmation type.


Maybe try to troubleshoot with the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin?

Actually, I was also able to reproduce the issue on both the local and production sites. I think there might be a way to remove the “?” from the URL after the form submission. :smile:

First time I’ve seen it without a query string.

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