Add parameter into URL after submission (not redirect)


I have a product enquiry landing page with 6 products. On the product page is a button that leads to a contact page. I am prepopulating the dropdown selector so that the person does not need to select the product anymore with:



Usually GF adds a “?” after successful submission, but in this case, the “?” is missing after successful submission, I assume because it is already within the URL?

Anyways, is there a way to add a “#completed” into the URL after successful submission? So when a user lands on the product landing page, they then click on the desired product to get to the form, the URL then becomes “?product=product_name_1” and after submission the URL changes to “example/?product=product_name_1#completed”

Sorry had to remove all the URLS because I cannot add more URL, but I hope it makes sense after all.

Please help?

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