Need to pass the product total from my form to an external url as a parameter

On my form, I have a total field


I need to know how I can pass that total (340.00) to a url using a “Pay Now” button on the form

Ultimately, I want to go to a thank you page, (after submitting the form), that shows the products purchased and amounts and a Pay Now button. The button would link a URL with the total amount included as a parameter

You need to send the data with a query string.

Here’s a doc with instructions.

That got me close however, the {total} variable includes a “$” that I need to remove for it to work. It outputs amount=%24340.00 instead of just amount=340.00.

Is there a way I can remove the “%24” or “$” in the confirmation query string?

Just create a new number field that holds your total, don’t add a dollar sign and make the number field hidden.

Then use the hidden number field to pass the total with your query string.

As long as you map all of the correct merge tags you should be fine.

That worked! You’re awesome Derek. Great thanks for your help!!!

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I just helped point you in the right direction. Glad you got it worked out.