Pass on item $ price in Confirmation Redirect Page Query String

For a particular form, we have a Product field as well as some Option fields. For our form submission confirmation, we are using Page Redirect with Query String (Pass Field Data Via Query String). In the URL, I am able to pass the merge tag for the Total $ amount of the purchase. But we need to be able to pass the price of each individual product selected in the URL as well. How can I do this?
Example: User selects Product A (price = $30) and Option C (Price $20) and submits form. In the URL, when I use the merge tag for the field containing Product A, the merge tag just returns “Product A” without the associated price for that product. I can also return the merge tag for Total, which would return “$50”. I need Product A-$30 and Option C-$20 to be passed in the URL using Query String.

If anyone has any solutions, we would very much appreciate it.

Have you tried the :price modifier on the product merge tag? Looks like it is limited to radio and dropdown products and probably doesn’t handle quantities, but could work.

Otherwise, I’d probably set up a hidden number field that calculates the product price and send that into the query string.

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