Confirmation in quiz not working [RESOLVED]

I have created a risk assessment by chaining together 30 or so quiz forms using the confirmation setting (using the next page) to move the user from one quiz form to the next.

All the quiz form confirmations are set up the same way.

On just one of those 30 quiz forms, when I hit submit, I get the default confirmation text (“Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly.”) plus the quiz results, which are not even pasted in the text confirmation type box…

What I don’t get is the page I have pasted in confirmation type “Page”.

I have cleared the site cache and my browser cache more times than I can count.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

I’m having the same issue with some of my forms. One has polls. The other was a test with just a text field and an email field.
Sometimes the confirmation would load in an iframe.
Sometimes it would load the default confirmation
Sometimes it would load the edited default confirmation
Sometimes it would wouldn’t load.

Had WP Rocket, turned it off. Cleared the server cache too.
I’d experience it on my phone and in my browser. Incognito and in normal browsing.
Still no luck.

I sent in a support ticket, hopefully they have some suggestions. Will update here if they do.

When I cleared both site and browser caches and added a plug in that disabled caching on Gravity forms pages (fresh forms for gravity), everything seemed to sort itself out…

Thanks for the recommendation, I just installed it :slight_smile:

When troubleshooting, support said some plugin was injecting styles into the response. I’m not totally sure if it was the problem, but disabling the Official Facebook Pixel plugin seemed to solve it.

I’ll close this for now. If anyone else has an issue they need help with, please open a new topic. Thank you.