Confirmation Notification to a Website Page NOT WORKING

I have tried to get this to work on numerous pages and cannot get it to work. It also does not work on preview. We have several forms and we want all of the confirmation notifications to just direct to a single “Thank You” page on our website. Instead, it looks like it tries to embed a calendar widget on the page. Here is one of the forms that is not working.
If you fill it out, you will see what shows up. I will also try to put screen shots in the comments.

Confirmation Settings:

Confirmation Page NOT WORKING:

Confirmation Thank You page (What should be showing):

Based on your screenshot, it looks like you have a conflict, most likely with the Official Facebook Pixel plugin. If that plugin is installed, can you try disabling it and testing the form to see if the confirmation redirects correct?

If it does not, I recommend opening a support ticket:

Chris, I don’t even see that plugin on our website list of installed plugins.

Hi Kari. That is the most common reason for this issue, but that is not the only possible reason. I recommend opening a support ticket so we can assist:

Thank you.

I cannot open a support ticket because the license is through my website developers. I do not have access to it.

In that case, I recommend checking for theme and plugin conflicts on the site first:

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This might have something to do with it. The URL in your confirmation goes to hidden-pages-parent/…

Did you create a thank you page?

Same behaviour for ourselves. Only started after upgrading to the latest Gravity Forms - was working fine prior to that. Added bonus, can’t even submit a ticket with you guys - same behaviour there.

Tried different browsers etc. I’ll see if we start switching of stuff lik facebook.

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