Trouble with Quiz Add-On, No Confirmation Message, & Page Auto-Scrolling too much

Hoping someone can help out here or point me in the right direction.
I’m setting up a 9 question quiz with each question on it’s own “page”. The results would be
0-3 correct = result 1
4-8 correct = result 2
9-10 correct = result 3

We also want to enable the answer explanation (or some form of an explanation) to say “Correct, here’s why” or “Incorrect, same here’s why” In addition to, or instead of the misaligned little “check” or “x”.

I had set all the questions, explanations, three different letter grades as “result1, result2, result3”

I have two major issues. The confirmations aren’t showing at all. And there’s an auto “page scroll” when you page through the questions that scrolls too far down the page, thus making it annoying for desktop users (this doesn’t occur on my phone).

If anyone has any insight, i would be so grateful.

P.S. If I’m collecting user info (i.e. name, email, phone) at the end of this form, does that interfere with quiz calculations??


Hi Patricia. You have enough questions that I recommend opening a support ticket (especially for the confirmation issue):

For the scrolling issue, you can either enable AJAX where the form is embedded (this is an option when you embed the form with the shortcode, widget or block) or you can use the gform_confirmation_anchor filter:

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I am just seeing this now.
I built another instance of the same quiz, and the confirmation/quiz grade conditionals were then working just fine. (Don’t know what I did different.)

I’m unable to open a ticket directly as I’m working with a company that had another entity build the site for them. But I will get with them if this continues. I am having some difficulties with the confirmations showing a random
“Thank you for contacting us. We will respond shortly.” or something along those lines even thought the default confirmation says something entirely different.

I will reach out if we need more help. Thank you for the anchor info also. :slight_smile:

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