Quiz Response/Confirmation

I am trying to set up a quiz that is based on a “Mostly A’s” format.
Premise: The quiz is a “What’s your nail polish color” and based on the visitors’ answer, it will redirect them to a page with their results, or nail polish color based on how many of a certain letter they selected for their responses. For instance out of the 5 questions, if they selected mostly A’s their color is red, mostly B’s their color is purple and so forth! My problem is how do i set this up in the confirmation area.

I currently have conditional logic activated, and “Use this confirmation if ANY of the following match:” and I have the answers for the questions all selected based on their various letter… but it’s not computing/giving the right response.

Can anyone help!!!

Hi Patrice. To count up the responses, you would need some custom code, and could then use the gform_confirmation filter to show one confirmation or another based on the frequency of the most populate choice in their submission: