Confirmation Type dropwdown


I have a question regarding form confirmation. So far we have 3 options: Text, Page and Redirect; I was wondering if it’s possible to add a 4th option that will behave in a similar manner as page but with custom post type?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mahmood. In 2.5, it might be possible to use the gform_confirmation_settings_fields filter, but that is new and I have not yet tried it to add an additional option to the confirmation type options. Maybe you can look into that one and use that for this purpose?

Hey Chris,

Thanks for your quick reply. I will take a look at the filter and see what can be done. Will keep you posted on how it goes :).

Thank you. I have not yet dug into that one, so I am not sure how it will go or if that is even appropriate. That filter applies if you are working with Gravity Forms 2.5+.