Conditional Logic to Abort Form

I have a question that, if answered a certain way, disqualifies the respondent so I don’t want them to be able to continue the form. How do I set this up using conditional logic?

Hi Devon,

You can set up the conditional logic on the Submit button that would hide the button if the user answers the questions in a certain way. With the Submit button hidden, the user won’t be able to submit the form. You can also conditionally show a message in an HTML field letting the user know that based on their answers, they can’t continue.

I hope this helps.


Yes, I’ve been using the HTML field method. Problem is, users can just scroll past it and keep answering the form. It’s very long form, so it would be kind of infuriating for them to discover that there’s no Submit button when they got to the end. They would probably think it’s a bug and want tech support.

I hope the conditional abort capability can be added to future versions.

Thanks for your help!

Is it a case where you could use the multi-page feature of Gravity Forms so the users identify earlier in the input process that they are ineligible? Or perhaps the partial entries add-on or save and continue feature to provide a way to avoid the data loss side of your issue.

Yes, that’s what we do now. But the submit button is many pages from there. So we have been using an HTML “roadblock” to stop ineligible people. Problem is, some of them scroll past it and submit the form anyway.

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