How to end a form after a selection? [RESOLVED]


I would like to know if it is possible in GF to “end” a form depending on the answer that is selected (not after submitting the form). For example, if the client select answer A, he is not eligible for my product. How can i “stop” the form so he can’t go any further and put a message like “sorry you’re not eligible” or redirect to a page that explain that he is not eligible.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Mathieu,

You can set up conditional logic on the Submit or Next button to hide the button if the User selects answer A. This way they won’t be able to go any further or submit the form and you can show a message within an HTML field that will also conditionally show at the same time.

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for your help, the thing is that i’m using the plug in “Auto advanced for gravity form” so the form keeps going by clicking on the choices, there is no next button in my form. I just used your solution but now in my html field i can’t mask the previous and next button because the plugin Auto advanced for GF doesn’t work with an html field, have you a solution to hide the buttons ?


Hide all buttons.

.gform_wrapper input[type=button] {display: none;}

Thank you !