Conditional Logic Question on Next/Submit button of multi-page form

My first gravity form is working pretty well except for this issue, and i’ve looked at a bunch of posts that are sort of about it, but nothing directly. This might be a quick, easy answer for somebody, but i’m a bit baffled.

I’ve got a multi-page GF with conditional logic that executes based on the option selected in a radio button on the first page.
So my desired GF flow is,
choose option one? → go to page 2 and fill out the form and submit it.
choose option two? → go to page 3 and fill out the form and submit it. etc…

Roughly, this is the design to this point:
First page: Choose an option (from a total of 6).
(Page break)
Second page of form if user chose first option (with previous and next (or ‘submit’ buttons)).
(Page break)
Third page of form if user chose the second option (with previous and next (or ‘submit’ buttons)).
(Page break)

I’m capturing the form data in the ‘gform_after_submission’ hook. The problem i am experiencing is that it works well ONLY if the user chooses the FIRST option. If the user chooses Option 1, fills out page 2 of the GF and clicks ‘Next’, i get a ‘Saved’ message, the gform_after_submission hook fires and all is well. (Yay!)

However, if the user chooses the second option and goes to page 3 to complete the form submission (or chooses the third option and goes to page 4, etc…), the “Next” button when pressed DOES NOT submit the form. It does not give a ‘Saved’ message. Instead, it returns to page 1 (options page) of the form. In addition, the gform_after_submission action is NOT taking place. I’ve got debug statements in the function that i’m using for this action, and seeing nothing if i select any option other than the first one. To my eyes, there is NO difference between the conditional logic of any of the pages (page 2’s conditional logic is the same as page 3’s and so on).

Does anyone have an idea as to why this conditional next/submit logic works fine “conditionally”? :slight_smile: I must be missing something in the GF conditional logic setup somewhere that tells pages 3, 4 and so on that if the user selects next/submit, that they are in fact complete with the form and it should be submitted. I just don’t have ideas on what to try.

If YOU have any ideas, i’d love to hear them!
thank you!

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