One Field per Page and SUBMIT Opens Next Field on Next Page [RESOLVED]

is there anyway i can have one field on one page and next question opens as one field one page with or without SUBMIT?

i tried Page Break but could not get the above outcome. please help this novice guy.

Can you elaborate?

Are you wanting to only show one field at a time but have more than one field on the same page?

Because you can use conditional logic for this to show fields if the field before is not empty.

For example, i create a question followed by 4 choices. i select one and normally the next with options opens. now i see two questions with 2 choices selected on one page.

what i am looking for is that i select one of the choices and second question is displayed and first question with choices disappear. now again i see one question with choices. in addition i ll see Previous and Submit buttons underneath the question. then i select choice and third question with choices appear and 2nd question disappears.

I think I answered your question already.

The conditional logic needs to be based on the field before the current field not being empty.

Field 1 if this field is not empty hide this field

Field 2 - if field 1 is empty hide this field if this field is not empty hide this field

If you repeat this logic it should work. But this example has not been tested.

You may need to figure out the logic for this to work but you can accomplish what you’re needing with logic.

i created the video to elaborate what i am looking for. First 20 second is what i am creating questionnaire with conditional logic. please review this clip from 20 seconds onwards. that’s what i am looking for. one question/one field per page. please help. Video Clip to Elaborate

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you basically looking to create a multi-page form with one question per page?

I started with these steps but could not get it right.

To begin with there is one field, say radio button and it has four choices. Any choice is selected, that opens next radio button question. Now there are two radio button questions are displayed on one page. I don’t want that. What I want is when second question opens, first disappears thereby leaving only one radio button question on the page. Then any choice is selected on question #2 and question #3 opens and question #2 must disappear, thereby leaving only one question at any given moment on the page.

I reread the documentation you pointed out. That is the same I started with. In this documentation, you go to next “page” after clicking SUBMIT.

May be I am not verbalizing what I want. Let me try again.

There is one question (radio button with choices) on the page to begin with. Any choice selected opens next question, thanks to logic and SUBMIT button moves to after second question, leaving two questions on the page. There is no SUBMIT button in between two questions. How can I make first question disappear when ‘next’ question opens?

Looking for scenario #2 after selecting choice at first question.

Gotit. Support system for the rescue.

Gravity Form per se does not have built-in functionality as such but does the trick.

Thanks all for the sincere efforts.

Progressive Sequence Based Questionnaire

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