Problem with Conditional Logic

I am an happy user or Gravity Forms, that i use with the add-on Gravity PDF.
In one of the latest forms i was builiding i was looking forward to make a question, with a radio-button answer (so only one answer at time), and i was wondering if was possibile, via conditional logic, to make appear a new question after the answer given (for ex. i have 4 answers, i select the 2nd, and the new question appears between the 2nd and 3rd answer of the radio button).

Hi Davide. Inserting a new choice between other choices of a field is not a feature of conditional logic. However, if you have one field per page, and you want to show one field conditionally, on a new page (or even on an existing page) you can do that with conditional logic. You can use field conditional logic on each field, or page conditional logic if you want to hide a complete page based on some selection. If you need assistance configuring that, you can contact support:

Thanks for the reply.
Another question. Is it possible to “concatenate” radio-button answers?
For ex. i have a question with 2 answers, then an html text, and then other 2 answers, and i can only select one of the 4.

I don’t know of a way to do exactly that. I can leave this open in case anyone else has an idea. We also have some ways to find help:

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