Extra text with conditional logic [RESOLVED]


I am trying to recreate a form similar to: Self Test - Optical Express Group

At the end you can choose YES or NO, when you click NO you get more options. Each of these options NO/MONEY/FEAR/QUESTIONS all leads to the same outcome, but the text above the fields is different (see screen shots), how is this done?

The example form is created in gravity forms.

Hi Oliver,

You can use Conditional Logic from the field settings to display the next field based on the previous field option selected, as shown in the following screenshot.

Official documentation: :point_down:

To make your form look like the reference form, you can follow the screen recording below. It will help you create a complex conditional-based form, similar to the one on the reference website.

Give it a try, and let me know how that goes! :smile:

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THanks for that. I had the conditional logic working, it was just the field to put the extra blocks of text and i can see from the image you used the HTML field (totally missed that one).

Thank you

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You’re welcome, Oliver.


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