Additional Fields Does Not Show? [RESOLVED]


In my form here…
only the first alternative “Fresh” opens the rest of the fields below. When you select “Aged” it doesn’t open the fields below? Any ideas why?

Thank you

Chances are the conditional logic rules you are using are preventing that from showing. Without seeing your form it’s hard to say. What sort of conditional logic are you using in that form? Post screenshots of the settings from the form builder if you can.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for responding. Here you can see the screen shots of my form.

I would have expected some conditional logic in there. Maybe you have some section break with conditional logic? For us to take a look, you can open a support ticket here or you can export this form and send the JSON file to and I will take a look at the form configuration.

Here is how to export a form:

You have conditional logic set on the section break ID 15:


However, your Kind field does not have all those possible options (it only has Fresh or Aged (which was edited from Aged 30 Day+ I believe.)) You will need to clean up the conditional logic for that section break. I recommend removing all the rules, then adding the rules you need back in.

I assume you just want to hide the rest of the form until they make any radio button selection?

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for your fast action. I understand now what was wrong. Thanks again.


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