And / Or Conditional Logic

Is there any way that I can use And/Or in conditional logic? For example, I’d like to be able to show Field 3 if: Field 1 = A or B or C, AND Field 2 = D or E or F. I’d previously been using Caldera forms and they make this pretty simple to do. Help!

Complex conditional logic like that is not baked in to Gravity Forms. However, if you do require something like this, if the logic isn’t too complex and if you don’t have to repeat this too often, you can achieve it by use of a few hidden fields. This is clunky, but would work for the specific situation you mention.

  • Add a hidden Field 4 (Number) with default set to 1. Show it if Field 1 = A or B or C.
  • Add a hidden Field 5 (Number) with default set to 1. Show it if Field 2 = D or F.
  • Add a hidden Field 6 (Number) that calculates sum of Field 4 & Field 5.
  • Show Field 3 if Field 6 equals 2.
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Thanks Joshua. Yes, that’s mighty clunky and I suppose would still work. It just seems odd that this is not something that is a standard feature with Gravity Forms as it is with other Form plug-ins. Perhaps it’s time to go back to Caldera???

There is also a third-party add-on that can help with advanced conditional logic:

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Hi Chris, I heard that Gravity Forms is working on advanced conditional logic? Perhaps for version 4.0?

It is on the feature request board but it’s not slated for any release.

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