Skip & submit button to submit form

Hi there,

I have a paged form.
On the last page, I have a few required fields and a “Submit” button.
I need to add a “Skip” button which has to also submit the form. That means that the form essentially has 2 submit buttons.

The tricky part is when the user clicks on “Submit” the form needs to check that the required fields on the page have been filled in but when clicking on the “Skip” button the form needs to submit and ignore the required fields.

Can you please assist if it is possible?

What you described is not something you can do using Gravity Forms built-in features.

As a workaround you could add a field (e.g. a checkbox field) like “Do you want to skip the following fields?”, and configure conditional logic for the required fields to hide them when the checkbox is checked. Fields hidden by logic are ignored on form submission, so this would allow the user to submit the form without filling those fields.

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