Conditional Logic for Version 2.4.20 not working in Word Press via Google Chrome [RESOLVED]

We use Gravity Forms for Word Press.

We have a form that uses a little conditional logic. Nothing complicated:

Show this section if Any of the following match:
Is parent #1 the sole parent/guardian for this child is No

When we test the form, and select No, the section does not appear.

I attached an image of the Form Editing to see the settings, and also the preview while choosing No.

This is the correct link to test the form:

Seems to be working in Safari, and not Google Chrome. Oy!

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Nik

Hi Nik. Your best bet for resolving this issue is to open a support ticket:

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Hi @chrishajer. I am realizing that the upgrade is working in Safari, but not Google Chrome. Do you have any experience with this? Best, Nik

Another update! I did some more googling and saw an old post from 2012 about cache. So I changed a couple of plugin settings in Word Press and opened the link to the form in a NEW INCOGNITO window… and the form looks like it is working.

Can someone test this for me? Tell me what they see? Maybe @chrishajer

Go to this link:

Scroll to the bottom, and click NO on the last questions. If the next section suddenly appears I could be home free.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!

Thank you to everyone who helped. This issue has been solved. I appreciate the speedy response from Gravity Forms.

Simply logging out of Word Press did not allow me to see the Conditional Logic. But opening an incognito window or private browser window and entering the link to test the form worked. On computers other than my own and on my iphone I was able to see the conditional formatting in action as well.

Not sure how to mark this Get Help thread marked as solved. Maybe an admin can take care of that?


Thanks for the update Nik. I can close it as [RESOLVED].