Conditional logic based on checkbox selections


Is there a way for fields to appear on the basis of a checkbox selection?

Say a user is moving house and we are a service that enables them to notify companies en-masse that they have changed their details

Is there a solution whereby they can select the name of a company next to a check box, and by selecting the name more fields appear so they can
enter further details, specific to that company?

Insurance Company 1
Insurance Company 2
Insurance Company 3

  • User selects Insurance Company 3 and fields appear where they can enter their policy number etc.

The current method of conditional logic would mean I would have to create separate fields linked to each checkbox, and with 600+ companies, this could take
a while. Is there a more efficient method?


Sounds like you need how to create conditional choices

Great article there and I believe this is the solution you’re a looking for.

Thanks for your helpful reply. Alas, the plugin seems to change the choices available but not add text boxes. I would like a new text box to appear when a checkbox is selected, and two text boxes to appear if two checkboxes are selected etc

Is this possible?

I believe you can do that with the plugin I mentioned. In their tutorial you can see the text field appear based on the checkbox selected.

You can always reach out to their support for more in-depth configuration specific to your setup.

I’m grateful. Thank you so much. I will contact them.

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