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Has anyone created a “claim a free gift form” which you can only fill in once? So it knows if user X has claimed their free gift, maybe using their site email to check if they have claimed or not?

This form would be on a member side of the website so it would only be users filling in the form.



Check out:

Cool, thanks for that. I take it there is no free way of doing it, apart from working out how some custom code? Its a really small job, with a 1 time use.

Here is a snippet you can use for free. You will want to use the limit parameter. It’s a free snippet so you don’t have to buy a plugin but there is code to configure.

One of the form settings that you don’t need any add-ons or custom coding for is the “no duplicates” … so when you add an email field, you can set it to be “required” and just below that is a checkbox for “no duplicates”…the form will then not accept any other submissions from the same email address.

Now someone who is fairly sharp could get around that by simply using a different email address, so you could theoretically require a coupon-type of code (entered into a text field) and also set that to “no duplicates”…it’s up to you if you want to do some sort of lookup (requiring some code) to be sure the coupon code is valid, or you could just accept it as long as it’s not a duplicate of one that has already been used.

It’s not a perfect solution, but a simple one that doesn’t require anything other than checking a box.

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It seems when I provide a simple solution, people want a more complex one. When I reference code, they want a simple solution. Lol. That’s a good suggestion @Trisha Sorry I didn’t think of it @hairyhobo

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I just wanted to know the options and make a decision from there, the simple one is great but seeing as this is such a small project it’s not worth the cost of that plugin. I tried the code but it didn’t work, that too was simple.

With the no duplicates… does it only work with emails? Or is it only what you type in?

The no duplicates setting can be applied to everything. Phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.

If the users are logged in when claiming their free gift, you could also add a hidden email field and use the {user:user_email} merge tag by placing it inside the default value field in the advanced tab of the field.

This will check to see if the users email address has been submitted before for that particular form.

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Agreed, I often run into the same thing…it’s hard to know what will ultimately be the right solution unless you can get your own hands on it, but I always try the simplest thing first, and only layer on complexity as it becomes necessary. :+1:t2:

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