No Duplicates for pair of two fields on form

In my form, the user enters the product number and store number. I only want to collect unique pairs. Product number 123 from store 1 can be submitted only once. The store number repeats so I cannot mark the field as NO DUPLICATE. However, I cannot mark the product number as NO DUPLICATE because this number may repeat itself in another store.

Is there any way to solve this problem so that if such pairs are found in an already existing entry, validation error is displayed?

Hello @user5b01a03918d459.7 - To do something like that you could use the Gravity Wiz Limit Submissions perk. They have a feature to limit based on field values or groups of field values.

This section covers the field restrictions:

Field Value

Limit by one or more submitted field values. Select from a list of form fields. Add multiple fields to the same rule group to limit by a unique combination of those fields’ values.

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Hi Mndsgn (@user5b01a03918d459.70), did you end up giving Gravity Forms Limit Submissions a try? Any questions about how to prevent duplicates across multiple combined fields?

Hey, I did it in a different way.

Limited Submission plugin looks very cool. Maybe I can try it out :slight_smile:

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