Change Partial Entries Save Frequency

According to SurveyMonkey, embedding the first question of a survey directly into an email boosts the response rate by 22%, so I created a MailChimp email that used merge tags to dynamically populate the first question of my Gravity Form survey depending on which link the email recipient clicked. Collecting the remaining 3-4 questions would be ideal, but even collecting just the first, most important answer would be great.

Unfortunately, dynamically populating a field apparently doesn’t automatically trigger the Partial Entries feed to save, even if I add conditional logic to that feed.

It is too late for this particular MailChimp campaign, but I request that dynamically populating a field and/or satisfying the conditional logic requirements should trigger the Partial Entries feed to save.

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I added your request to our list of requested features previously. Thank you for the additional information.

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@chrishajer Any update on this?

I appreciate you following up. There has not been any activity on this request.