Send Graviy Forms Partial Entries Progress to Mailchimp?

I’m using Partial Entries to follow-up on leads. I’m able to feed the partial entries to Mailchimp, however, I’m unable to identify a field that can tell me if the entrie is saved (completed) or just started (in progress).

What I’m trying to do is simply to send the Partial Entry “progress” column as tag to Mailchimp.

Thank you!

Are there any required fields later in the form that would prove that they made it to a certain point in the form? In other words, the presence of a value in a field that occurs on page 2 or page 3 indicates they made it that far.

Also, you should be able to send the entry ID to Mailchimp, which is only available once the form is completed. That would be your proof it was a complete entry and not a partial submission.