Capturing additional info *after* the user has submitted the payment

We have a form that captures booking data for an event and the form is saved when the user completes the payment (PayPal)

We want to have a second form (or continuation of the first) where we can ask for additional data from the customer. This additional info needs to be saved into the users initial form record (based on email address)

Is this possible?

Yes, that’s achievable using cookies for the first step when user complete payment, redirect from gateway back to form and continue filling the additional information.
Here based on cookies store I will link the form with previous form or email id.

Hope that solves the problem

Maybe you could set up a second form, and have the confirmation of your payment form be a conditional redirect to the page for the second form (perhaps even auto-populating some of the data from the first form) – conditional on the payment completing.

Your problem – whether you use Deep’s suggestion or mine – is that PayPal payments often time out and don’t show as completed in the wp-admin entry. The payments DO complete, but we often have to update these manually because the entry doesn’t reflect that.

So if you want to have this really work reliably, you probably want to switch to Stripe or another gateway.

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