Change redirect after failed Stripe payment

I have a three page form and on the last page I use the Stripe add-in form to collect the payment. I’m still in the testing phase but really need to get this live by tomorrow. The only issue that remains is the failed payment scenario. It’s quite a long form and when the payment fails the user is just redirected to page 1 and all their entries are gone. I also have to scroll up to see this small notification:
Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 09.24.08
The expected behaviour is that the form stays filled out and the user is just redirected to the last page to re-enter or enter different payment details.
I can code so a custom function would work for me but I have no time to figure this out by myself so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @tzv1 ,

Is capturing the payment a bit ahead of time be an option?

If so, a very quick solution (no custom code) would be to split your form in 2 forms.

The first form would capture the payment along with any other essential data (needed for payment processing) and then redirect to another form to capture the rest of the data. As a result a failure in payment would not entail the user to fill out the complete multiple page form once again.

You could further populate the second form with the reponse of the first form via query strings.

Thank you for the suggestion but unfortunately that is not an option. We definitely need all required fields before allowing payment.
I’ve since noticed that this is only an issue with ‘alternative’ stripe payment methods. The Stripe form handles credit card errors elegantly directly on the page itself. It’s only when there is a redirect to an outside payment portal that this happens.

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