Cannot get System Report

Trying to lodge a ticket and it requires you to copy the system report. The button does not copy and save the report so cannot lodge the ticket
Everything is frozen since upgrading to Avada template - no email notifications, not editing ability.
Any clues??
You cannot email them and cannot process a ticket. Just stuck in nowhere land.

Are you using Visual Composer with that theme? Please reply.

Anyway, what I have had to do before is to deactivate every plugin, reactivate the gravity forms plugin and run the system report. I know this does not give “the real” environment, but Gravity Forms does not allow you to post a support ticket unless you’ve run the system report - doesn’t seem to matter if it the actual system report or not. You would think they would post the system report on the page so that you could manually copy it. :\

Not using visual composer - have done all the shut down process. It worked fine for years - plugin up date and now its just no working. Gravity forms needs to post a solution on how to submit tickets when their system status copy button does not work

Please contact us here:

Choose “Other” in the drop down so you can submit the ticket and explain the situation. Thank you.