How to System Report when locked out of your dashboard [RESOLVED]


I can’t access my dashboard because of this error:

PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /htdocs/WordPress_21/wp- content/plugins/gravityforms/gravityforms.php on line 806: /htdocs/WordPress_21/wp-cron.php

When I want to write a support ticket I need to copy a system report. Can I access this by FTP?



You could access via FTP and edit wp-config.php following these instructions.

Then, try again to enter your site for registering the error on log file. Download and send it to support team.

Hope it helps!

I would think you could disable the plugin through FTP (rename the plugin folder to, say, gravityformsx). That should let you log into WP. Then rename the plugin folder, re-enable the plugin if needed, and get the System Report.

To get your site up and running again, you can use FTP to delete the gravityforms plugin folder from within wp-content/plugins/

Moving forward, I recommend using our Contact form here.

Don’t select “I need Gravity Forms Support”. Select “Other” from the drop down and let us know what is going on. Be sure to let us know your WordPress version and also your PHP version on the site (if you can find it.)

Thank you

Thanks all for your help. I wasn’t sure if I deleted the gravityforms plugin folder, if I would lose the entries. Is this the case?

I renamed it, problem solved.

The forms and entries are all in the database. Deleting the plugin files has no effect on any of the data you collected in Gravity Forms.